Turf Laying

Weather, pets, erosion and regular wear and tear can destroy your yard. Lawns can become dry, making them a breeding ground for weeds, allergens and dust. Weeds can choke out your lawn, making it necessary for you to start over if you want a lush, beautiful and green lawn. Turf laying is a simple, quick and economical way to correct lawn problems and enjoy a healthy, green lawn.

You can start from scratch with an entirely new lawn, or use turf laying to fix problem areas in your yard. Many people use turf to blend smaller areas in their yard, while others use turf as a way to start over without having to wait for grass seeds to grow. Turf provides an even surface, free of thin patches or holes. If you need a lush lawn quickly, like for an upcoming garden party or social gathering, turf offers the best possible solution to your lawn needs.

How We Install Real Grass

We use only the highest-quality turf that has been tested and re-tested. Our turf comes directly from the farm and is delivered, same day, to your home. We install it immediately to ensure that the turf does not start to dry out. We use careful turf laying techniques to ensure that your installation is seamless.

First, we clear the area, removing all debris, rocks, plants, old decking, previous turf and vegetation before we start working. We then prep the ground beforehand, laying down a layer of mineral-rich top soil which is a combination of compost and soil with a roller before laying the turf.

Before laying the turf, we trim edges down an inch or two to ensure that the new turf is level with your driveway or patio. We then lay down the turf in overlapping layers for a smooth surface. Finally, we edge your lawn so that the edges line up exactly with the edges of the yard.

After we lay your new turf, we provide you with an ongoing maintenance plan and provide regular service to your yard including cutting, trimming and weeding.

How We Install Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is great for a number of uses, including children’s play areas. It can also provide a low-maintenance option for people who want the look of grass without the upkeep. It is an all-weather, all-season solution that can greatly enhance the look of your home or business. Artificial turf is pet-friendly and can be used on a variety of surfaces including rooftop gardens, offices and cafes.

When we install artificial grass, we first clear the area of any debris, rocks or vegetation. A layer of anti-weed solution is added, ensuring that weeds don’t grow under the artificial turf. The artificial turf is installed using a high-grade adhesive that keeps the lawn in place. After installation, our team will educate you on how to keep the turf looking its best.

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