Retaining Walls

Retaining walls serve dual purposes, providing beautiful decor for your yard while protecting it from runoff, erosion and wind. Our specialists have years of experience in building retaining walls, from short walls that surround small plantings to walls that run the perimeter of your yard.

Many people wonder whether they need retaining walls in their yards. Retaining walls prevent the earth under your patio, driveway or garage from shifting and sliding downhill. The retaining wall acts as a barrier to the gravitational pull of a hill and stabilises the soil underneath. In this way, your retaining wall provides a useful purpose while also adding a decorative element to your yard.

Types of Retaining Walls We Create

  • Block Retaining Walls
  • Concrete Retaining Walls
  • Curved Retaining Walls
  • Tiered Retaining Walls
  • Timber Retaining Walls
  • Sitting Walls
  • Mortared Retaining Walls

We can create retaining walls from a variety of materials, from concrete to stone, brick and wood. We use environmentally friendly materials that will withstand the elements and keep your garden beautiful for years.

Living retaining walls provide both protection from the elements and a living habitat that turns a hardscape into a greenscape. Living retaining walls feature a hard structure that contains green plantings that grow over time. These walls are decorative and can add a beautiful element to your garden. Living walls create a vertical garden that complements your existing space. In addition, they can create a habitat for rare birds, beneficial insects and butterflies. These walls require less than half of the concrete of traditional retaining walls and can reduce runoff from storm waters.

Creativity and Design

Your retaining wall doesn’t have to be a straight line of stone. We can create curved walls, use colored materials and incorporate tile into your wall. We can also create stepped or tiered walls for steeper slopes. For short walls of four feet or shorter, we can quickly design and build to your specifications. If you are looking for higher walls, we have a team of engineers who can ensure the integrity of the structure while meeting building codes.

Add in finishing touches like paint, geometric designs and masonry for the ultimate in decorative retaining wall. If you need assistance with planning, our design specialists have a full portfolio of work for your review.

How We Build Retaining Walls

The first step in installing your retaining wall is to sketch out your idea for your finished project. We review any photographs that you have and interview you about your needs and wants. After that, we sketch out a design and submit it for your approval. When we both agree on the look of the final project, we get to work. We compare the size and shape of the wall that you want to the space available. Using stakes and string, we measure your space and lay out the work area.

We work quickly, keeping the cost of the materials within our pre-discussed budget. Depending on weather conditions, we can complete your retaining wall in about a week or less.

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