Garden Renovations

Often times customers come to us for complete garden renovations. Some have purchased new homes and are unhappy with the existing garden, while others simply want a complete overhaul of a garden they have maintained for years. When it comes to garden renovations, we are often tasked with the challenge of not having a clean slate from which to work. In most cases, we have to completely dismantle the old garden and create a brand new one from scratch.

We often have to plan grade changes, remove pools and ponds, uproot and retransplant trees and lay down new turf in order to create the gardens of our customers’ dreams. Our team of experts have years of experience in large-scale garden renovations, and we have the tools, skills and materials needed to bring these projects to life.

Garden renovations are more than just a facelift for your yard. They are investments that can dramatically add to the value of your home. This investment will only grow over time, making your home the envy of your neighbors. If you later decide to sell your home, a well landscaped and maintained yard will add to your home’s curb appeal, helping you to enjoy a higher price for your home.

No longer are garden renovations limited to turf, flowers and plantings. Homeowners are making outdoor spaces the focal points of their home, building outdoor kitchens, ponds, playscapes and bars. We can create outdoor oases that allow you to enjoy more time outdoors and enhance your ability to entertain in your yard.

Reinventing Your Yard

Perhaps you know exactly what you want your new yard to look like. You have pored over photos in home decor magazines or saved photos of your ideal yard online. We can take your ideas and bring them to life, working closely with your budget and timeframe. If you need extra help deciding on exactly how you want your renovated yard to look, we can employ our team of designers to help you in your decision making.

Elements to Enhance Your Garden Renovation

Ponds and Water Elements

Water is one of the most relaxing and soothing elements you can add to your yard. Adding a small water fountain, a babbling brook or pond can beautify and enhance the comfort of your outdoor space. We can install ponds, rock beds, streams and fountains. We also provide fish care and water element maintenance.

Outdoor Lighting

Adding lighting to your yard can create dramatic effects without breaking the bank. You can add spotlights to highlight your plantings or install lighting in ponds, pools and waterfalls. You can use ambient lighting to illuminate pathways, solar lights to brighten flower beds or deck lighting for nighttime entertaining. Adding in lights is an easy way to instantly transform your garden.

Tree Planting

Trees can greatly enhance the look and feel of your garden while providing much needed shade. Planting trees on your property is a simple and easy way to add curb appeal and create a refreshing oasis at your home. Whether you want to install brand-new trees or maintain existing ones, we can take care of all of your arbor needs.

Saving Money on Your Garden Renovation

Many people avoid renovating their gardens because of perceived cost. There are many ways that you can enjoy a newly renovated garden without breaking the bank. We can re-purpose your existing bricks to build a small planter or use your fencing to create new design elements.

Buying in season is another way to save on your renovation project. Some plants are more expensive if they are purchased out of season, so we help you select the right plants that match your budget. We have an extensive network of warehouses that provide everything from paving stones to patio furniture and supplies. We can purchase flowers that are in season and buy materials that are reduced price due to seasonality or demand. We have teams of experts who know how to cut costs while still allowing you to enjoy the garden of your dreams.

When it comes to creating dramatic and beautiful gardens that you can enjoy for years, we are the industry leaders. We provide the highest-quality yard maintenance, design, turf installation and complete garden renovation. Whether you are looking to plant a few new trees or completely overhaul your entire yard, we have a team of experts who are waiting to be of service to you. Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation and start enjoying your new garden sooner than you think.

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