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Making sure your home looks good goes beyond having the right paint or siding. The landscaping around your home plays an incredibly important role in how the home looks and how it functions.

One of the current trends is to extend the living space from inside the home and out onto the property. With the right landscape design, you can create a space that gives you a place for your kids and pets to play and for you to host the most stunning backyard parties for friends and family. Not only that, but the right vegetation will have an impact on the curb appeal and the property value.

We have a wealth of experience engaging in commercial and residential projects. Whether it’s a small job or a significant project, we outwork other landscaping companies in Brisbane, Queensland. We have a Full Range of Service Available with Fast Response Times. All our Landscapers are Fully Licensed, Insured and Trusted. You deserve the utmost quality of service possible and you’ll find that after you get connected with our professional team at KML Landscaping.

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Creating the most ideal oasis for our customers. We work side by side with you to ensure that our work matches your vision.

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We can create an outdoor oasis that allow you to enjoy more time outdoors and enhance your ability to entertain in your yard.

Retaining Wall

Our specialists have years of experience in building retaining walls, from short walls to walls that run the perimeter of your yard.

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There are many aspects to Landscaping, from Garden Maintenance to Decking and Paving. Our services include:

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In addition to extending your living space, there are other benefits to having your property landscaped, and these include the following:

Vegetation Makes the Property Cooler

Adding grass, trees and shrubs to the property is a great way to reduce cooling bills in the summer. It has been found that even a simple grass lawn is much cooler than having bare soil or cement around a home.

Adding trees to the south and west sides of a house provides shade during the hottest times of the day. Since most people are always looking for ways to save some money, calling in professional landscapers to help you determine what vegetation will make your property cooler is beneficial.

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It Makes People Feel Good

Working with professional landscape gardeners to make your property look good will also make you feel good. Adding colourful flowers and plants to your yard can boost your mood, as well as attract wildlife. Seeing creatures thriving in your natural habitat and being able to welcome and end each day with a burst of colour is incredibly beneficial. With the right plants, it’s also possible for you to experience wondrous and amazing scents, which is another way you can boost your mood.

Instils a Sense of Pride and Accomplishment

Buying a home requires a substantial investment, and if you have the money to accomplish this task, you want to show it off. Having a landscaped yard can help with that endeavour, and it can instil a sense of pride in you as the homeowner. Whether you take care of the space yourself or have assistance from landscape gardeners, a well-maintained yard not only looks good, but it also can make you feel fantastic about your life and success.

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Everybody’s yard is at risk of erosion. When wind, rain or other adverse weather conditions pass through the area, it moves soil away from the plants and garden beds in the yard. If you have a sloped or steep yard, this could turn into a hazard. Should there be rocks or boulders on the property, erosion could cause them to come loose, which could injure family members, friends or pets or cause damage to the home or other belongings.

Even if you don’t have rocks or boulders on your property, erosion could lead to mudslides, and these can also cause injury and property damage. To reduce the chances of this occurring, having a landscaper add retaining walls to the property is recommended. Not only are these functional, but they are also attractive and give you a nice framework to add plants or other features, including sculptures, to the property.

Adding vegetation to your yard can also reduce the chances of flooding. Without any grass or plants, it won’t take long for the yard to turn into a mud pit. This is not only unsightly, but it can make it challenging to keep the inside of the home clean. Without plants to absorb the excess water, it could find a way through the foundation, where it will cause a lot of damage to the structure of the house.

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Did You Know Landscaping Reduces Air Pollutants?

One of the amazing things about plants is that you can absorb many harmful pollutants and chemicals that are found in the environment. Thus, when you add trees, shrubs, flowers and grass to your property, you are improving the air quality around your home. Plants also produce oxygen that is needed for humans to breathe. You adding more plants to your property ensures cleaner, more oxygen-rich air.

Speaking of the environment, when it comes to captivating landscapes around your home, you might consider adding local vegetation. Not only will this encourage local ecosystems to thrive, but it will also make the property easier to maintain. Since these plants have developed and adapted to the moisture levels and other weather conditions in the area, it won’t take any extra steps or water to keep them looking good. Reducing the amount of water, you need to use to keep your yard looking amazing will also save you money.

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There are many different options when it comes to adding vegetation and other features to your yard. How you want it to look will depend on your style and personal preference. However, working with a professional who offers a variety of landscape services is beneficial, and you’ll have the skills, ability and vision to transform the property into exactly what you’re looking for.

We have the experience and expertise to create the property of your dreams. Whether you are looking for something simple or a design that is elaborate and sophisticated, we can handle it all. We won’t be satisfied until you are. Give us a call today to improve the curb appeal and value of your property today.


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